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Optimal protection for your goods

Protection by dehydrated vapour – tight barrier is not just about covering merchandise.

At Embalsace, we understand the crucial importance of this step to ensure maximum protection of your goods during transportation. protection by dehydrated vapour – tight barrier provides an effective barrier against water runoff while maintaining a controlled humidity level inside the enclosure.

This dual protection is especially important when transport conditions may vary, or when goods are particularly sensitive to humidity

The effective combination: heat-shrink wrap and desiccants

To enhance the protection of your goods, we use heat-shrink wrap. These wraps, combined with desiccants, ensure impermeability and optimal preservation of your products. Heat sealing provides an airtight closure, while desiccants absorb any residual moisture, ensuring the safety and integrity of your goods.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Shrink-wrapping provides protection against water runoff and allows control of humidity inside the enclosure, ensuring the safety of goods during transportation.
It is a wrap specifically designed to be sealed by heat sealing, ensuring an airtight closure and enhanced protection against external elements.
Desiccants absorb the moisture present inside the wrap, ensuring a dry environment for the transported goods.
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