Containerization at Embalsace

Optimization and securing: Embalsace's expertise

For a successful containerization, several criteria must be adhered to.

At Embalsace, our specialized teams master the art of space optimization to ensure maximum profitability of each container. A well-organized container not only enhances efficiency but also leads to substantial cost savings in transportation, whether for maritime containers or other types. However, our expertise goes beyond space optimization.

Stowage and securing the equipment are at the heart of our concerns, as they are essential to ensuring the safety of your goods, especially during the numerous handling operations that occur during transit.

State-of-the-Art facilities for impeccable containerization

Our three locations in Cernay, Hoerdt, and Hésingue in France are perfectly equipped to meet all your containerization needs. With our dedicated loading docks, handling equipment, and lifting capacities, we provide a comprehensive and impeccable service to ensure that each containerization operation takes place under the best possible conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

"Arrimage" refers to the methods and means used to secure and fasten goods inside a container to prevent any movement or damage during transportation.
Through our expertise and advanced equipment, we maximize the use of space inside the container, resulting in efficient utilization of the available volume and cost savings for our clients.
Properly securing the equipment prevents unexpected movements during transportation, thus protecting your goods from potential damage, especially during handling operations.
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