Custom crate manufacturing at Embalsace

Our wooden crate service

At Embalsace, crate manufacturing is much more than simply producing crates. It’s a synergy between traditional craftsmanship and technical expertise.

Our design office actively engages in every project to ensure a final product that meets each customer’s specific requirements. With our experience, we can create tailored solutions for every need: whether you’re looking for plywood crates, folding crates, or even hybrid crates combining wood and cardboard, we have the solution.

Why choose our custom wooden crates?

Wooden crate manufacturing is an essential element for the packaging and secure transport of goods. Here’s why our service stands out:

Made to measure:

Thanks to our expertise, we create crates tailored to each item, ensuring maximum protection and stability.

Innovation and Technical Expertise:

Our design office actively contributes to the design, ensuring innovative and reliable solutions for every project.

Variety of Solutions:

Whether you need plywood crates, folding crates, or hybrid crates (wood and cardboard), and more, we have the tailored solution.

All Sizes:

From small to large crates, our range meets all your requirements.

Guaranteed Delivery:

Logistics are central to our offering. We deliver directly to your sites for a streamlined experience.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:

Yes, with our custom service and the expertise of our design office, we create crates tailored to every type of product, whether it's small, large, fragile, or heavy.
Yes, as wood is a renewable and biodegradable material, we ensure to provide environmentally friendly crates sourced from sustainably managed forests.
You have , contact us !