Dangerous goods packaging

Our expertise at the service of the compliance of your dangerous products.

Dangerous goods packaging is a demanding task that requires sharp expertise and in-depth knowledge of prevailing standards.

At Embalsace, our trained and certified teams following IATA, ADR, and IMDG standards ensure that your packaging complies with regulations. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Aware of the complexity of regulations, we assist you from the selection of your packaging and throughout the process, up to the necessary declarations for transportation, to provide you with complete peace of mind during the shipping of your goods.

Examples of commonly packaged dangerous products

Dangerous products encompass a wide range of goods requiring special attention during packaging and transportation. Here are some typical examples that we handle at Embalsace:

Flammable materials:

These products can easily ignite under certain conditions. They require packaging specially designed to minimize the risk of ignition.

Toxic substances:

These substances can be harmful or deadly if ingested, inhaled, or in contact with the skin. The packaging must ensure that they will not leak during transport.

Corrosive substances:

These substances can cause skin burns and corrode metals. They must be packaged to prevent contact with other goods.

It is essential to emphasize that the proper identification and packaging of these products are crucial to ensure safety during their transportation and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Dangerous products typically encompass hazardous, flammable, radioactive substances, or any other goods subject to specific regulations during their transportation.
Our teams are trained according to IATA, ADR, and IMDG standards, and we stay constantly updated on regulatory changes to ensure the compliance of our packaging.
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